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Classification of household waste

1. Recyclable waste
(1) Paper
(2) Metal
(3) Plastic
(4) Glass
(5) Battery
(6) Hand over to recycling trunk or convenience stores after recycled by collection way. Strip light  There are hazardous substances in strip light so be careful and recycle it by recycling trunk.
(7) Furniture  Call 0800-085-717 and cleaning staffs will help you.
(8) Domestic appliances  Call 0800-085-717 and cleaning staffs will help you.

2. Kitchen waste
In Taiwan, kitchen waste refers to vegetable leaf, leftovers, expired food and so on, which can be fed to pigs. These kitchen waste needs to be collected, and transformed into feed for pigs. But some kind of kitchen waste that pigs can’t eat such as chicken bones, fishbone, peels are general waste.

3. General waste
Such as diapers, tissue, sanitary pad and so on are general waste. And it’s always transported by orange garbage truck.

The schematic illustration for classification of household waste, carefully categorize before you throw it, or you will be fined.

Why should we recycle household waste?

In Taiwan, solid waste was buried in landfill or incinerated. Because of the limited land area and growing population, there will be no more land area for landfill. Furthermore, landfill may cause soil pollution and groundwater pollution, which is harmful to human health

It seems perfect to incinerate all the garbage in incinerators. In fact, some hazardous materials are not suitable to be incinerated, because it will release poisonous ashes and gases which contain heavy metals and Dioxins, PCDD/Fs.

By recycling, we can reduce the amount of waste, prolong the tenure of using of incinerators and landfills, and avoid bringing about harmful substances.

How to teach children recycling and reducing?

*5R rules

1. Reduce-reduce the amount of waste you create
- Reduce the usages of disposable tableware.
- Do not receive leaflets.
- Bring your own bags when go shopping.
2. Reuse-reuse the containers and products
- Use reusable cups and bags.
- Replace waste cloth with tissue as rags
3. Repair-by repair, the tenure of use can be prolonged
- Before scraping the breakdown appliance, repair it.
4. Refuse-refuse to buy un-ecofriendly products
- Buy organic farm goods.
- Do not buy overpackaged and over-processing product.
5. Recycle
- Use the product with recycled logo
- Recycle waste you create